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We provide efficient and creative digital marketing solutions that help businesses establish their brand, grow their reach, and conquer new markets.

Our Story

Bill Kerbox and his wife and partner, Erin, created Kerbox Media to help realtors and other small business owners grow through unique digital marketing strategies. In today’s fast-paced world, creating captivating content that stands out is vital to a business’s success.
At Kerbox Media, we advocate the importance of branding yourself through engaging digital content—especially exciting video content.

The Intelligent Marketing Dashboard

Enjoy access to our digital marketing services—all from one dashboard.

Digital Advertising

Successfully run digital campaigns! 

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Improve your business’s visibility with our creative digital marketing campaigns. 


Content Marketing

Create industry-related content!

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Offer customers well-written and informative content that demonstrates your reliability as a business.


Video Marketing

Engage your market with our dynamic videos! 

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Kerbox Media are experts at creating, directing, and producing creative video campaigns. 

Social Media Marketing

Promote your business on social media platforms!

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Be active on social media and convert potential customers into brand ambassadors. 



Make a lasting impression!

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Distinguish your brand from the rest with a unique and straightforward brand image, identity, and values.

Search Engine Optimization

Drive more traffic to your site and business!

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Gain an edge over your competitors with our outstanding SEO skills.


Listings Management

Build trust with accurate online business information!

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Track and manage your online information—contact details, work hours, address, etc.—and improve reliability. 

Reputation Management

Impress potential customers with a good reputation! 

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Responding to reviews will do wonders for your online reputation and help boost sales and increase profit. 

Web Design

Build stunning websites with Kerbox Media! 

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Attract new customers and communicate your brand message with an appealing website design.

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